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Visitors like you, open to change and innovation, and investors who want to know more about the agricultural market. Among these are: 
  • Producers
  • Marketers
  • Packers
  • Buyers and distributors
  • Suppliers of machinery, tools and technology
  • Input providers
  • Service providers (certifiers, insurers, logistics and transport solutions)
  • Investors

Participation Benefits

  • Finding solutions to the needs of knowledge, supply and financing for the development of your agricultural activity, by coming into contact with representative companies in the sector.
  • Finding suppliers in the agricultural sector according to your particular needs and interests.
  • Credit and financing that may be invested for the purchase of goods and services.
  • An opportunity to be at the forefront and trends in the agricultural sector, through technology, knowledge activities and business opportunities.
  • Being part of the platform of knowledge, technology and experiences developed in academic and experiential scenarios, effectively enhancing the visitor·s learning.