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Innovating in processes of production, harvest, transformation, logistics and marketing in the agricultural sector, will be determinant to meet the needs of the growing population, in which the farmer is forced to evaluate ways to increase the quality and quantity of food. Facing, in addition, problems such as: climate change, the reduction of agricultural land and the limited availability of water. & Nbsp;

In order to meet the requirements of modern agriculture, new strategies must be implemented that result in the reduction of food that is thrown away, increased production and productivity of new sources and more raw materials. s efficient, making use of information technology, robotics and adaptation of spaces and soils to obtain food with specific qualities that contribute to the improvement of health and cover the nutritional needs of l the population. & nbsp;

The International Agricultural Congress seeks to motivate, educate and empower the different Colombian and world producers to be leaders of change, focusing their work on developing agriculture < / strong> innovative, efficient, profitable, consumer-based and much more environmentally responsible.