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XII International Livestock Forum

Currently, factors such as the clearing of natural forests for sowing pastures, land degradation due to irrational grazing and the use of large amounts of water , have generated that livestock is seen as a threat to the environment, by scientists and new consumers, who seek more environmentally friendly sources of protein, the welfare of the animals and human health.

Today·s rancher must be an expert in precision agriculture, drones, sensor systems to monitor factors production, environmental compensation, production of renewable energy with animal waste, agriculture, animal welfare and development of traceability schemes that allow the consumer to know where what comes from. ; eating.

These challenges must be faced with innovation, for this reason, the International Livestock Forum will present the main advances in the livestock sector , both in production as well as in marketing, and will be counted with the participation of national and international companies that work to have Innovative Livestock, capable of adapting to the changes demanded by the modern market and in which processes are developed to increase productivity, shorten the production cycle, respect the & nbsp;