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XII International Livestock Forum

Sustainable livestock farming is one of the greatest challenges for the current farms, the care of natural forests, water resources and the demands of new consumers who are committed to caring for the environment, are some of the purposes with which current sector must be focused.

That is why, at the XII International Livestock Forum, the main advances for the construction of a more sustainable livestock will be exposed, making known, in the hands of great leaders and academics, all the opportunities that exist in the sector to promote a business friendlier with the environment and that favors all the agents of the value chain.

Join the International Livestock Forum and be part of the new generation of farmers who rely on knowledge and trends to be experts in precision agriculture, drones, sensor systems to monitor productive factors, environmental compensation, renewable energy production with animal waste, agriculture, animal welfare and the development of traceability schemes that allow the consumer to know where what they are eating comes from.