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XII International Agricultural Congress

Sustainability leads to innovation, being sustainable represents long-term benefits for companies. Therefore, the entire productive value chain, suppliers, consumers, employees, the environment and culture must be involved.
One of the initial theories that lead to innovation is conscious capitalism, which proposes to return to the essence of business to improve people·s lives and general value to all interest groups, in the agricultural sector for several years. New ways of cultivating that seek to produce food in a simpler way began to be implemented.
This year at Expo Agrofuturo we seek to connect all attendees with new ways of cultivating and production, in addition to all the factors that are involved in the development of sustainable and conscious agriculture.
Topics to be developed: conscious capitalism, the modern consumer, new technologies, urban agriculture, regenerative agriculture and success stories.
Central Theme: Conscious agriculture
Sessions of the International Agricultural Congress
  • Conscious capitalism
  • Trends and production methods
  • Success stories