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XI International Agricultural Congress

The XI International Agricultural Congress will showcase the latest technologies of the sector that are transforming world-wide agriculture into different production processes, harvests, logistics and commercialization, thus adapting to the necessities of the increasing population.


Andrés Velasco

President of Agrícola Himalaya, the company that diversified the infusions market in Latin América.

David Castejón

One of the marketing speakers with the greatest impact at a worldwide level.

Gabriel Vallejo

#1 expert in customer experience and organizational strategies in Latin America.


Juan Carlos Arbeláez
Mirko Maraldi

Agricultural Machinery Expert

Pedro Pablo Díaz

Producer, businessman and leading agro exporter of passion fruit and hass avocado.

Santiago Peralta

Founder of Pacari, the best chocolate in the world.

Stephen Ritz

The best professor in the world. Through urban agriculture he is transforming social, environmental and economic dynamics in cities.


Academic agenda

*Programación sujeta a cambios sin previo aviso