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Experts will offer specialized advice on: opening new markets, financing, added values, animal/vegetable nutrition and legal services among others.

Expo Agrofuturo will have opportunities for leading companies in the sector to offer free consulting on specific and specialized topics. The Agrosolutions will help all visitors and exhibitors to take full advantage of this scenario and to be able to find the ideal solutions to their problems and concerns in the hands of the experts. 

How does it work?


  • This is a unique vision where agricultural matters will allow clients to present specialized topics of interest.
  • Its intention will be to highlight one specialized company in each sector, which will be in charge of offering advice and knowledge to visitors.




  • It will be able to improve the relation with clients.
  • It will save time by avoiding consultation and advertising diffusion.
  • It will increase income by proposing new services.
  • All of this can be done using effective products that will allow monetizing your investment in record time.

Confirmed solution centers:

Athenas Food